Insurance Tips: Why Insurance Claims are Rejected

Insurance Tips: Insurance whether it is health or life. Be it insurance of the vehicle or the house or the precious things, has become the need of the hour. Any kind of insurance comes in very handy in times of trouble. The Corona epidemic has explained the importance of insurance in a very good way. But the same insurance proves to be useless when the insurance company rejects your claim. It has been seen that the insurance companies reject the claim by pointing out some mistake or the other. Therefore, it is important to take special care of the things that can cause your claim to be cancelled.

when you buy an insurance, the agent makes you many big claims about the policy. but buying a policy will be considered successful only if your insurance claim is received by you without any hassle.

the problem of rejection of an insurance claim is seen many times. however, if the terms and conditions related to insurance are carefully read and followed, then this problem can be overcome to a great extent.

Read the terms and conditions well most people do not read

the terms of service given by the insurance company while taking insurance. it’s a big mistake. therefore, all the papers should be read carefully while taking insurance. companies also upload insurance related information on their websites. you can also read the terms and conditions on the website. do not sign documents related to the policy without reading it in full. the insurance agent says that just you sign up and do everything else they will do themselves. but you should sign only after reading everything thoroughly.

Exact information

we often do not give information about previous diseases to avoid too much premium while taking health insurance. most people don’t even share information about smoking and drinking. because of these mistakes, the akkar claim gets rejected. therefore, it is very important that you inform the insurance company properly about the pre-performing illness.

Claims must be delayed

by filing claims on time. it will be better if you file your claim immediately after the incident. most companies give you time from 7 days to 30 days. in the meantime, make sure to file the claim.


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