Who Has and How Insurance Related Complaints are Made

Insurance policy update: in the changing times, the insurance business has changed rapidly and has grown. especially after corona, health and life insurance policies have seen a lot of boom. new insurers have a problem with whom to complain in case of a disturbance. just like the banks, customers have the option of insurance ombudsman for complaints related to the insurance company.

customers should first go to the insurance company with their complaint. customers can approach the grievance redressal officer (gro) of the insurance company. customers can also visit the nearest branch of the insurance company or mail to the gre. customers can also use irda’s online portal igms to file their complaints.

The insurance company should solve your problem within 15 days. if your problem is still not resolved after 15 days or you are not satisfied with the solution, you can raise the issue to the next level. you can take your complaint to insurance regulator irda. if you are not satisfied with the solution of the insurance company and the solution of irda, then you can take your complaint to the insurance ombudsman.

at present, there are 17 insurance ombudsmen at different places in the country. customers can make a complaint in writing to the insurance ombudsman of their area either themselves or through their legal heirs or the nominee. that is, customers can complain to the insurance ombudsman of the same area where they are currently residing. let’s know the procedure of complaint in insurance ombudsman.

Step 1. if you have not received a response from the insurance company for your complaint even after one month or you are not satisfied with the response of your insurance company, you can complain to the insurance ombudsman.

Step 2. you need to contact the insurance ombudsman office in your area.

Step 3. a complaint can be filed by sending a letter to the insurance ombudsman or by e-mailing it. if you are e-mailing your complaint, you will also have to send a hard copy later to the lokpal office.

Step 4. your letter must contain all the necessary information such as the policy number and the details of the complaint. along with this, you will have to put up relevant documents and send it to the lokpal office.

Step 5. If you are going to the Lokpal office, you will have to fill form P-II and Form P-III. If you have sent your documents by post, the Insurance Ombudsman will ask you to fill out these forms.

Step 6. after the submission of the complaint and documents, a date for hearing will be fixed by the insurance ombudsman.


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